South Florida Folk & Acoustic Music Festival.  Fest is January 15 - 16, 2005 at Easterlin Park

Festival Information

Our 2008 festival will look different than our past festivals as the park is completely different.  You will see much of the same and some that is different. 
You will see the same camaraderie and community spirit that our folk club represents
and you will clearly see some surprises – more on that later.

We will have two stages, the Gator Stage and the Flamingo Stage. 
We will additionally have a Workshop/Children’s area and Jam Tent.

We will have more information on this site as we get closer to the festival.

Welcome to the new SFFF Camping Area

Pertinent Poop

This year the South Florida Folk Festival is finally back after a 2 year forced hiatus, and in a new park.  A new park also means a new camping area with new rules (some old) and the growing pains that go with it.

Camping at the festival can be accomplished in 2 ways:

1.  You can camp in the festival area itself by purchasing a weekend pass @ $20 per person from this website by clicking on the “tickets” balloon.  This is primitive camping with no hook-ups.

2.  You can purchase a park camp site with hook-ups directly through the Markham Park office.  These sites are a distance from the festival area and are subject to the standard park rules and controls.

The area we now have is vast and wide with enough room for all and more.  There is little shade so please keep this in mind when selecting your gear, but it is a beautiful location with plenty of sky.

There will be two separate camping areas, one for tents and a separate one for Campers and RVs. There will be no generator use permitted after 11PM in the Camper/RV area so charge your batteries during the day.  Since the areas are so large small campers will be permitted in the tent areas but ONLY from Friday through Monday morning, however no generator use at all will be permitted in the tent area.  NO campers will be permitted to be moved during the weekend if in the tent area for safety reasons.  So if you are not planning to stay put the entire weekend, please set up camp in the designated Camper/RV areas.

It is a totally primitive site with no hookups for campers and only port-o-lets for personal comfort.  Campers will be permitted to use the park’s dump site for an $8.00 fee payable at the park camping office. This is solely a park/camper responsibility, not one of the SFFF staff.

This will be our home for the weekend so we ask that you please treat it as such.  WE are solely responsible for maintaining this area  This means that we all must keep it clean both while camping and when we leave.  There will be plenty of trash and recycling containers, please make good use of them.

There will be marked thoroughfares and we must keep these avenues clear for safety.  This is a requirement of the park and just plain smart.  These areas will be clearly marked and no one will be permitted to place any camping gear in these areas.

Vehicles are not permitted in the camping areas.  Now don’t worry, the parking is right at the camping area and the walk minimal.  Again, this is for safety reasons. Sleeping in vehicles is not permitted unless of course it is a vehicle set up for camping.  In other words you can’t spend the night in your Austin Mini.  But you won’t be bothered if you take a nap.

The park closes at 6 but the exit gate will be open for going in and out.  You will be issued a festival vehicle pass when you arrive and this is to be displayed as you go in and out of the park after hours so park security will not bug you.  Also keep your park admission receipt so you will not be charged to re-enter the park during normal operating hours.

In addition to these instructions please read and follow the PARK RULES below, they are the bible!

There will be a pop-up camper set up at the front of the camping area as the SFFF camp office for any questions or assistance.  It will be called “Camp Blackwell” and also have a sign indicating that it houses the camping Gurus.  It will not be occupied continuously but there will be a cell phone number posted to call.  PLEASE use it sparingly as volunteers are spread thin.  For any pre-festival camping questions please email

Again, please remember that this is our first year at Markham Park and my first as Camping Chair Person and we will have some growing pains.  All suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated.  Markham is a beautiful park with room to grow for many years to come, please help us maintain a positive and mutually beneficial relationship to secure the future for our South Florida Folk Festival.  Two years has been far too long for a family to be apart.

Dave Cambest

SFFF Camping Guru

Festival Flyers
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